From time to time I like to rewind my mind to try and find that spot, the very instant, that I chose to speed through life so blind lost loves, trashed cars, and all of those slapped faces. Make it easy for me to remember the times and places of my disgraces.


I’ve fought hard and bounced, only to watch the reins go slack. Here I go again, I can’t win, the wrong way down a one way track. There’s nothing here for me, surrounded by the castoffs of society. Dressing the same seems to me to be a conspiracy, to rob me of my identity every sentence, every story, starts with the usual I, me, or my brains are fermenting, as the rut get deeper, but no one knows why minds need to focus, forget the day after day, and let the soul slip away. Get my sights on what’s right, where I need to be, what I’ve got to say. Life is too short to be wasting it away, wallowing in the stench of a prison cell.


I can write here for years, but not one of my words am I allowed to ever sell. Once you’re in it’s hard to win, the system kicks you harder where you’re already down. You’re picked up, only to be degraded and demeaned, then knocked again to the ground. A thief I’m not, but everyone keeps talking about this elusive box of tools. Sounds cool collecting tools, in a class each day, I guess they give them away. So here I am, studying day by day, hoping to find a somewhat saner way of living with the people of earth, as people that I know, not as friend of foe. Just as other human beings with inquiring mind, that need to live and grow.