Well went walking around the track today and picked up a book at the library that I ordered from the Bangor public library. It’s called Luthien’s gamble by R.A. Salvatore. Said goodbye this morning to Eddie, like I said, he’s a good kid and I’ll miss him. Hopefully, he can stay out of prison and jail from now on. Say a prayer from him.

Had a bit of excitement this morning, I was looking out my cell window to see what time it was, saw a large number of guards come in and search five cells. They even cut up some of the green mattresses. They didn’t find anything through. A bit exciting. Today, I plan on just relaxing and watch the science fiction channel today. Kind of cloudy and foggy today, and tomorrow is going to be a wash out. Just thought of something no matter how weird the movie are on the science fiction channel the women are all good looking. Looking out my cell window, it looks real foggy. Sort of reminds me of the Horror movie “The Fog.”

Not much to say about weather, we got rain, but not a lot. So goodnight and God Bless You!