You ever hear the saying, “the more things change, the more things stay the same?” Well, that’s how it seems in here to me and I dunno if that’s a good thing. I’ll explain: I don’t like change. I think the reason for this is because most of the changes in my life have been major and while I’ve controlled/effected the little things that have lead up to the major, the major is , almost out of my control and almost always BAD. And yet, I keep repeating the same control, manipulate to avoid the change cycle. To keep it 100%, I’m scared of change, because it’s unknown. It’s fucked up because the last thing I want to do is become comfortable here. This is a lot of stopping point a refinery, if you will. I was once told that the bigger God’s plans for me, the more the Devil will try to test me. What are your thoughts on that?