Hey Holistix,

That’s just a rumor about them taking out the vending machines so far, but they have taken the machines out of A-Pod (that’s where they keep the PC cases) because they kept damaging them.  Although I am surprised that they haven’t taken the machines out of our pod (people have found ways of getting free food out of the machines, if you know what I mean.)  Me and X are in the same pod, so yes, we do bump into each other often.  As for Madman, I haven’t seen him.  I don’t think that he is in the prison.

During rec., I do go walking around the track a lot, and I hang out at the library.  I do read the bible.  As for my gaming world, it’s going well.  Like I said, it’s going to be 98% water and I’m using New Zealand and Tasmania in it.  Most of the cities, towns and villages will be located mostly on the coast.  I ‘m going to use a touch of Freeport in it and yes, there will be a fantasy version of L.L. Beans. Plus, I am going to be using the names of some of the maine coastal cities, towns and villages, like Bar Harbor and others.  Once of the races I’m using is the Shi’ar Aliens from Marvel comics.  If anyone has any information on them, I would greatly appreciate it.

Well, goodnight, and hope to hear from someone soon.

Kenneth McDonald