I get out in July, with no more good time coming back to me.  So least I have a basic idea.  Time’s flying right by.  I think the Indian Spring made it feel like summer.  Not much happening.  Taking IOP ’till I get out.  With Sue.  She’s something else.  We’re trying to get an extra day a week so we end sooner.  going m-t and friday.  Me and QT are still working out.  Just weight training.  I haven’t done cardia in a while.  You can tell.  I’m grossly outta shape.  Kinda round.  But my extremities are nice and solid.  Thinkin’ how it’s gonna go when I get out.  I still got some time left.  Hopi ng when one of my cellmates  gets out, he and I can move in together.  He gets out, like, nine months after me.  I’d need a roommate if I want to get out of those damn boarding house.

Listening to Cinderella from the ‘xander show.  Any who.  Will talk to y’all soon.  Hopefully someone will read this.