We had a sweat lodge yesterday – my fourth, and my fourth four-day fast!  That’s rough!  I got the spirit name of “Sleeping Bear” – dreamtime is where I can get the answers to my questions in life.  Very nice!

We only had 13 people, counting Brian, there this time, so it was much more spacious (the evil sister has decided that only active members can participate.)  Rocky stayed inside through all four rounds, also.

A very spiritual experience for all.

I played the drum and sang.  We also have a Micmac from Canada who also sang two songs.  He’s very good and knows a lot of them.

Good times!

I have planted the native garden with corn, beans and squash, with a perimeter of marigolds encircling the whole thing.  I am going to put some sunflowers along the fence behind the gazebo.  I hope to have lots of corn this season!

I have that assigned to me as a dorm job this year, which makes it nice.  No ironing shirts for me, just water and weed the corn.

Has anyone seen Willow-Owl, or Michael Fralich in their travels?

I hope that everyone takes care of themselves out there.  Let some of that music out of your souls and into the world!