L.L.B.H and Thunderhawk + Pierre are awesome and bring so much positive energy to the group. Jessie is going to try and record a song + drum CD with us, We do very well with a lot of the songs. I lead the group in a song at smudge ceremonies now. A lot has changed in the group since the evil sister took over but a lot of it is good. We have no crafts now so the bead thieves and the wannabes do not show up now. It sucks the newer guys who never had a chance to make a medicine bag or a dream catcher. Everything changes, I just have to roll with it. I will have to start listening to WMPG and the locals show with Issac again. It was a regular habit but I’m not so hot for the Bollywood India music show that took his place. Joe Joe LaBeau is still in Rockland and is going crazy recording music. He just put a new CD called Joroll Sub9- Rise up. I am doing very well here. I do best to keep myself busy here. Me and Gabe hit the gym everyday and lift weights. I am getting a lot stronger. I do 500 push-ups everyday. AVP is back at MCC but without Gentle George and without the training for trainers and no more inmate facilitators?