Sobriety’s a cruel mistress, Addiction is insidious, It constantly waits for us to weaken so it can attack when we least expect it. I deal with my addiction every second of the day. I’m addicted to addiction. When I get out it will be a constant struggle. The co heated up some fish, it smells like a sardine cannery, so things in my world are not going so hot. Today is dreary, misting, cloudy, chilly. Just my type of day, no gum today, tomorrow. Just doing stair stepping, seems to be farely accurate about my calorie burn and heart rate, I’m not losing weight though. It’s very frustrating, AA is going well. I enjoy seeing the guys from the KCB group, meeting every Monday at St. Peters group. Classes are going well. Got a months left in this hole, not to bad. Hopefully it goes fast. I found a school i’d like to go to. It’s called the New England school of Metal Work. It’s going to be for welding, I could take classes at SMCC to, I think it would be more expensive though, and it’s for an associates degree, which I don’t really care to get. Looking forward to cultural diversity, I think I fit in better with other ethnicities. I’m kind of overall the close-mindedness. Being a sex offender I live and breathe it. I’m still coming to terms with being labeled for the rest of my life.