I caught Rage on the radio again on WMPG today during the Locals Show with Issac.  I missed most of them last week because I like to eat.  We do not get back from chow until close to 11 am?

Leggo my ego.  I have not been playing at all. I go outside during night rec. and that’s the only time we can play.  Hopefully I will be done soon.  One more July!!

I recently scraped, laid out and repainted the whole medicine wheel on the gazebo.  It looks very nice.  I took a lot of time on it.  The evil sister wanted me to complete the frist info booklet we worked on for the Native American Group, but it is not on disc.  So I recommended using Rage’s three booklets (“Getting Started on the Red Path,” “Visions on the Red Path,” and “Smoke Signals on the Red Path.“) which are on disc, and compiling them into one.

I would go nuts without a project around here.

The corn is chest level now, around the gazebo.  It’s growing very nice.

Every day when the news comes on, it seems to be another dead body found or another shooting in Portland, and I think of you guys out there.  What is that town coming to lately?

Words of wisdom?  Create some beauty and share the love.