Loved the healing energy from the group. Enclosed you will find my handprint with my message to the world. I have been doing a lot of projects with the word “EVOLVE.” It contains all the letters of Bobs love design. Love is fine and dandy but I really feel that most of the people/humans really need to evolve and get over it! I saw an article in the Maine Sunday Telegram about artists legacy and older artists leaving their works and $ to museums or foundations. Bob refused numerous attempts for interviews. The article said that he was the one all the museums are hoping for. They even had his photo with the article. A painting I designed was in the background which is now in front of the governs office. I’ve worked for Bob for almost 20 years. He is now 84. Its kind of like Warhols factory on Vinachaven. We do most of the work under Bob’s direction and his name goes on it. I really want to paint you a Rage stacked letter logo from Rage Against the Machine. They ripped that off from Bobs love design and had to pay him $. He also inspired John Lennon to write “all you need is love” after seeing a love sculpture in Central Park in the early 60s. This whole situation really fucked up my Art/photography/graphic design career! I will be ok when I get out next summer. It will not take long to get back into a comfortably laid back lifestyle. New Moon Lodge. The new commishiner is making electric guitars and effect pedals contraband as of Nov. 11, 2012 as well as cd players and CDs and lots of other stuff. This Sucks!! I really do not want to have to buy an acoustic guitar. I have 2 at home now. I would consider getting a 12 string acoustic if I have to. I would much rather keep my Stratocaster! This sucks! I have a black cort beater acoustic that I had fixed up and set-up for playing slide guitar on. I had a martin thinline pickup put under the saddle with the plug in jack on the strap button. I  keep it tuned to open E. I had the nut raised so the strings are about ¼ off the neck all the way down. I love the sound of blues slide guitar. I hurt my wrist and had a hard time with the fingering. So I took up slide guitar. It just sucks having to switch one guitar standard to open tuning. My decent acoustic is a “Sigma” Dm-5 from the early 70s (a cheap martin) if there is such a thing. They don’t make them anymore. It was made in Pennsylvania. It ahs a large body and a deep rich tone. Very loud Big Thick Guitar. Solid tope stika spruce with Indian roses wood back and sides. I love the classic double dot on the 7th fret. It’s got a dean markley tone wood block puck up that sits across the hole hardwired into it with the plug in on the strap button. My buddies at woodsound studios had it up in the shope and went completely over it. It was their shop lesson guitar. I fell in love with the tone as soon as I played it and bought it. I also have a cheapo squire strat that looks just like my strat. Tobacco sunburst/ maple neck that I had when I first got to prison- I am going to hack it up into an electric slide guitar. I can put some hot rail pickups into it and maybe got creative with a paint job. I really do not need another guitar. I have too much stuff as it is to live in a boarding house! I’ve got an old peavey bandit 112 amp that’s got a good sound to it. I gave some guy an oz of green bud for it. What I really want is a black fender precision bass with a maple neck and/or an acoustic bass. That would be cool for jamming in the park. Maybe a set of conga drums? It’s going to be a long winter with no guitar to play.