What’s killing your heart?  I sit, filled with love, hope, peace, silence, prayer?  Or is your heart filled with fears, obsessions, worries, dissatisfaction?  Is your heart filled with addictive thinking or behaviour?  Whether you are a person in jail or new to the concept of peace, I hope you will find time to examine your own heart and identify your own challenges.

There are empty places that I cannot fill.  Deep pains that still haunt me.  So, I fill my self with things that don’t satisfy.  Things to soften the ache inside.  It is an endless cycle of stuffing down the truth of my heart – instead of letting it soar freely.  For only in truth can I find release.   But when I face the reality of the darkness, the truth of all things that hold me, the chains can be broken and the path to healing can begin.

Truly loving the self involves willingly befriending what emerges into the light of conciouslness.  Befriending doesn’t mean always agreeing or cooperating.  It  means, in a way, treating the different aspects of ourselves as “others” the same way we might tyreat them if they appeared in other people.  We listen respectfully, cooperated and cherish or forgive, as called for.  Should some aspect of the self prove difficult or an enemy, we practice the difficult art of blessing it and praying for it, seeking out the heart of its disturbance rather that hating it, cursing it, and seeking to destroy it – even while we restrain ourselves from acting it out.

Growth is not always about getting through terrible pain.  Most often it involves change, perhaps only a small shift in awareness or embracing a good part of you that got lost.

Ust the things of this world as nature needs them, but not with excessive attachment.  For people become like what they love.

Frankie McNiece