January 10th, 9:00pm.

Hey, Circle of the Skies, I have a joke for you

How do you circumcise someone from Augusta?

Answer: You kick his sister in the jaw.

Well, it’s Friday evening and we are locked in for the night. Right now, I am watching wrestling, but, an hour from now a new show called Helix shall be on. Looks quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing new episodes of the Walking Dead this February. For some reason they are calling the zombies on the show walkers, instead of zombies. Tell you the truth, I kind of wish there was a zombie infestation of Earth. I know of two perfect paces to actually hide out at: light houses and any stone buildings like some libraries with thick wooded doors (plenty of books to read and no way a zombie is going to smash through thick stone walls.

Have you heard about all the snow y owls people have been seeing in New England. You usually find them in the arctic, but this winter people have been seeing a lot of them in New England. Well, it has been pretty cold, I guess, and they are probably confusing New England for the Arctic.

Still looking for spells from the dragons foot website, mostly from the schools of illusion/phantasm, 2nd level spell lists, plus looking for spells like Nystul’s Crystal Dagger” and “Nystul’s Crystal Dirk,” “Bladebarrier,” “Goodberry,” “Heat metal,” and a bunch more. If I can think of anymore I’ll write you guys and let you know. Yes, I’m still working on my “Dungeons and Dragons” world and I’ll send you guys more stuff that I come up with. Write to you guys again soon, and this time I won’t lose the address.

Kenneth McDonald