Hello, people of the enchanted forest. How are you? I happen to be still in prison..

Time here in A-Pod really sucks. There are not any programs to distract one from how shitty this place is. Not even N.A. or A.A. I would like to continue my Circle in here, but no one wants to get clean or even attend such meetings. Go figure. I’m not giving up. Sooner or later, I’m going to find people in here that are willing to check out holistic transformation. The worst part about this is like that song “Bad Company.” All the C. O.s know my name and that’s all bad; no good. But when all is done, they must let me go to the library in person and then I will have all the power I need. Ha Ha!

We’ll be right back after a short break from our sponsor.

No one marries the take it in the butt girl.  Ha ha!