Hi, Dark Sky Circle. I got your letter. Thanks, it cheered. I’ll be sending you guys another letter soon. Here, I have gained 20 pounds since I have been in here I am working out, eating good, doing 100’s of pushups a day, walk a lot, ride a bike that goes nowhere, and writing new songs.RAGE ON ME!!! RAGE ON ME, ON ME.” Tell all the guys I said hi. Tell Hank to get rid of that old coat. Guys come in here from the streets and tell me they see you guys. The Goblin was in here 2 times. I send him $10. I miss hanging out with you guys. I can’t wait until May. That’s when I get out. Days are going by fast and slow. I miss little Bella. Give her a pet x kiss for me. Well, right me. My hair is getting long. I can’t wait to sing and play guitar. Well. Right. Love you guys forever. Tim. :) Blanket Head.