January 9th, 2014

Hey, Circle of the Moon:

How are you guys? I guess that you can still see I am here at C.C.J. Yes, as of the 24th I am starting my trial for this child porn case… fuck I won’t go down for a crime someone else did without a fight.

Would you guys believe that this particular guy said he wants nothing to do with this case after I put a roof over his head , then he watches little kids fuck on the computer, and of course, now he won’t do anything to help me out. I guess he would rather me lose my family and Lori lose the kids, for he hated the fact that I had life by the balls. I had the family he always wanted plus a roof over my family’s head plus I also had my business.

Yeah, he told me how jealous of me he was all the time. Fuck – they found two DVDs in the office that had child porn on it but it was discs I had never seen, plus if it was mine, I would of put it in one of my binders and locked it up, for that matter.

I see Rage and Bella are doing good, for yes, I saw the picture of Rage and Bella in the paper.

Sorry, I just got around to writing you guys. I write you guys back after you send me something but never know if you get them.

Yeah, I did get told that you guys sent something else but I guess the jail sent it back for a stain on the envelope. Hell, could someone come down and see me? Sunday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm but you would need to be here by 3pm for they are assholes. You can trust me on that for sure.

Hey, write back.

Pastor Joel Dudley