Hello, free world. How you doing? I’m still in CGP, the forgotten pod, but it’s okay. Things are solid here, and I have not had any problems. Today is my birthday; hip hip hooray. I’m 25. Got a bitchin’ haircut – I shaved half of my head only half. Hah hah. ‘Tis a dark time for holistic recovery here in CGP. I have tried and am trying to put people in the know about it but some people are just not in to recovery. There things happen, though I’ll keep on keeping’ on. That’s really all I can do.

What’s more is the fact that there are no programs down here. All I do is read, think and rock-out, but, it’s okay. My cellie is a personal trainer for Bates college. All in all, there’s no loot and no books, but, I’m trying to get a nice female pen-pal and make the best of my time.

Now, back to another wonderful episode of “Happy Days!”