Hello, everyone. One of my names is Whisper and my biggest challenge is learning how to spell and make my handwriting legible. Must look like chicken scratch when it’s not typed. Sorry again about that. Other than that, things on the inside are swimming. Though about two weeks ago all hell started breaking loose, now it’s riots, fights, hooch and all day lockdowns. All in all, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m in effing prison, after all. Miss cigarettes something fierce. I tell you, my dear, if I could sit here and smoke whilst writing you.

My cellmate has a radio, signal is awful but what is one but to make do. At the end of the day what I listen to will seldom be played on that little college station. So quite S.O.L. on that. Hopefully my friend Buska can send me the lyrics to some of my favorite songs. Can’t wait but indeed that’s really all I do here.

There was a row about Poker. Don’t play myself, but the houses record was found by the police. Everyone on the list was called into the hall and questioned by the Captain. Naturally no one said a word, they got progressively more upset the more peeps he questioned.

Another challenge I’ve had is motivating to work out. I really should be more regular with it. I do workout, but only now and then. I have kept up on my reading though. I have about 25 books in my room, just begging me to read them. Plays, fantasy novels, memoirs, essay anthologies, you name it, I have hoarded it. Currently reading “the Coming of Seth” by Jane Roberts, “To know Yourself” by Albert Low and the work of Edna St. Vincent Millet. Funny note, just saw St. Vincentia, a female vocalist on the Colbert Report. Love that bird.

A good friend of mine told me once: “Don’t trust people who write things down. They’re most likely juju men, or white coats.” I have some bad news old friends. Started writing everything down. EVERTTHING!!! It’s the only way that I can cope, vent and learning everything I read, about Bill Roach, and control, the Buddha, my own thoughts, to you folks in TV land, even books and movies like “Fraulines in Uniform” to look up when I get out. Don’t do much drawing, not good with blue bic pens and don’t feel like manufacturing my own watercolor set. Concerning things artsy, I write poetry, but alas, I must motivate for that as well. Much easier to do than pushups! Ha ha.

I met a girl at one of our Circles. After the meeting, her, one of my friends and I went to that courtyard by an art museum and a sushi place. You know, across the street from CVS on Congress . We smoked some weed, someone charged their phone. I think this girl is sexy/beautiful, but I couldn’t flirt with her at the time, me being married and all, but, as of now, I’m divorced. As far as I’m concerned the rest is only a matter of paperwork. For the life of me, I can’t remember her name. I thought I had it figured so I acted upon that knowledge. In retrospect, I’m not so sure. If the girl who I’m talking about is reading this, please contact me.

Oh, my God – I’m such a stalker, aren’t I? Okay, let’s take a poll. Is that charming, or creepy? You decide, then get back to me.

Lastly, it’s good to have family, when you get locked up. They send you letters and of a lesser extent, money.

This is the great an powerful Whisper, signing off until next week, humans.