One of my names is Whisper, and I’m coming to you live from Windham Prison CGP. Fellow revolutionaries, how is the weather out there? The weather in here stays exactly the same no matter the day.

Much has changed concerning the process of classification. A-Pod is split into top and bottom versus the previous, north and south setup. The tier system is still in effect, but has drastically changed. When a person first gets here, he is allowed the usual 20 minutes for each mean time, then one hour in the morning and one after dinner. After three weeks one then gets an hour between lunch and dinner, that’s tier two.

“To MI5: if you steam this open you are dirty buggers.”

Here in CGP we have a level system. I, being here for overflow reasons was grandfathered into the level system. If a person goes to seg for any reason, their recreation time and commissary orders get severely limited for thirty days. Three hours of rec each \day and a twenty five dollar commissary allowance.

What’s more is this fucking CO lout by the name of Powell. Real piece of work, I tell you. Once inmate had come from seg and Powell wouldn’t let him have his rec time. The guy ended up getting maced because he wouldn’t obey Powell. Another instance Powell lost his temper with an inmate, he yelled and dropped the f-bomb. There’s more, but I don’t know specifics. A fellow started filing grievances and had his mother start calling the commissioner and what not. The inmate mentioned was transferred to M.S.P. a few days ago.

Other than that bucket of horse sweat, my family back in Michigan sent me some yen (money, that is.) Not much but enough to get some real tooth paste, coffee and a dictionary. Not only will I know the meanings of words, I’ll know how to spell them, too. Yay!

I have started reading “Crown of Swords” book number 7 of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series and it is cherry plush. It is my honest opinion that everyone should read it. Okay, it’s not “Catcher in the Rye” or “Scaramoche” but it happens to be very spot-on good, chap. I can’t wait to get into “the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.

I don’t like the way Lisbeth is looking at me, then again, I kind of do. I hope my handwriting is getting better. My hands look like that of a piano player, not a stenographer. Hah!

Until next week, humans, I remain,