My name is Daniel Fortune, and I’m currently incarcerated at the Maine State Prison. Google me. A non-murderer serving two life sentences (God bless Maine;) Google me. I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.

I’m tall (well, 5’8”, so not so tall,) dark and handsome, 100% Haitian, born in Port-au-Prince in 1987. Spent my childhood in Brooklyn, NY, so I stay in that Empire State of mind. Was adopted, moved to Maine, went to middle school and became a high achiever and a football star at high school in Gardiner.

I’m seeking smart, beautiful and funny women to correspond with. I love women, and I don’t care if you’re from the hood, the burbs, the country or, whatever you’re likes, dislikes and experiences are. I know that we’ll be able to find things to write about. (I do have the time.)

I’m a 110% intelligent human being. Knowledge is power, ergo, I love learning new things. I promise that no woman who writes to me will regret it. Whether you’re a busy, successful independent lady who’s bored and looking to try something new (this would certainly be new, right?) or lonely and just looking for someone to listen and be there, you’ll find that I’m what you want/need.

Forget e-mails. Wouldn’t you enjoy some long letters in your mailbox?

Take a chance and write to me. I’ll always write back, and rather quickly, and, I’ve been told that I’m a great listener. I could be your personal “Dear Abby.” If you’re looking for a man to communicate with, look no further. And, think about it – you won’t have to worry about any pop ins!

Holler at me!

As I am,

Daniel “Prince” Fortune
807 Cushing Road
Warren, Maine