Do you have a pattern in your life dating alcoholic men? I do. It goes like this:

You’ve met someone new you really like, they’re intelligent, sensitive and charming and thy really seem to like you. You wonder why he is not married or why he is single… again. You have a few dates, all goes well, dreams are shared, insights revealed. Then, suddenly, usually several weeks into the relationship, come the mood swings and the irrational behavior, occurring daily and always directed toward you.

If you’re happy being second best then go for it. But if you want something better for yourself l

What can should you do if you suspect that you’re dating an alcoholic? In all honesty?


Admitted “functioning” alcoholic who has it all “under control” or not, you will always come off second best. Alcohol will always be the priority of the active alcoholic. They are emotionally unavailable. Getting involved with an alcoholic, in my experience, will always end with tears. Unfortunately, for the alcoholic, Alcohol is his one and only.

There is a reason why alcoholic men end up 50 years old and single, unemployed, living in a tiny apartment with tons of debt, talking big dreams and plans that will never happen.