Cherrio, free civilians, how farest thee” I happen to be just so, well. One of my names is Whisper and my biggest challenge is not really a challenge, in the negative “Oh, this is a problem!” No, I’m challenged by putting serious effort into bringing about change inside and outside of myself. Don’t get me wrong, there are somethings, a lot of things about me that I love, but self-improvement is a job never finished. It waas just the only thing I’ve been doing . Call me self-centered. I think about my self a lot. Ha-ha! In other words, not much happening in C-Pod general population to be challenged by.

I’m out of my cell effing six hours of the day (counting chow.) Today, though, we were locked down pretty much all day. Yuppy pencil-necks getting trained to be C.O.s and they have to lock us down to practice. Not cool. I saw one of the trainees, I tell you, I would have a chance to become one. God forbid. He looked more frightened than a flightless bird in a barrel of silver pikes. We did get two hours out, a soda, a candy bar and a movie (“Red”) in exchange for our boredom.

I got a nifty little surprise last earlier in the week: one of those hands that everyone signs at Circle, and song lyrics! Awesome. Thank you, Circle of the Stars! I would like to give a shout out to Buska; thank you! Kitty – hang in there, girl. Suzi – beautiful work. Raven: I’ve got my chin up, darling and love right back at you. Last but not least, Sundance, thank you.

And don’t let those Deadwood Marshals breath down your necks too much.

And if I don’t see you again today, good afternoon, good evening and good night.