One of my names is Barukama Hasatiya Itiemytietienmytie. I recently filled out a form for an education program. Among the questions was “what are your interests! I answered that I was into New Age schools of thought. My first impulse was to say I am interested in pretty much everything. Pretty much. The Victorian girls with strap-ons, books, inspirational posters, Jessica kuehl and a ‘58 Chevy, Pink Gelatin Skeleton, the History of the World, the KGB, Rhiana’s drinking habits, spirals, cobwebs, latticework, women eating babies, Atherna pallas, Divine Seekers, magic, yeah, pretty much everything.

Another question asked “how does one have many friends, yet keep to themselves?” I didn’t really know how to answer that one. Ho, ho. All the other questions are of no interest to you. Are you full of yourself? “would have been a good one, but such is life.” I do need to go call all newspaper editors on you, right now. Level one takes one week, not thirty days (refer to last weeks blog, either by shadow or Mustafa.) Also would like poll results, is that charming or creepy? I know I should consider the overall misfortune that is, reading all incoming mail, but I happen to be horribly impatient. Boredom does happen to wear on one’s nerves, but, after being married to who I was married to, I came across Iron Will. Go figure.

I heard an old country song on the radio the other day. It was called “Boogie Woogie” by Meryle Haggard, I think. Sweet song, anyway. As usual, I’m reading all kinds of things, my aim, most recently is to memorize a monolog from “Hamlet.” Not the “to be or not to be..” stuff. Too cliché. Cliches are great, but sometimes, the monologue I like is the one about maggots and fishmongers. Other then that I haven’t been up to very much. But, not from a lack of want. Viva La Revolution.

Yours truly.