Dear Purple Circle of Portland,

Thank you all so much for writing to me. No damage done, or no restitution. I’ve gone to video arraignment. I have Lisa Whittier and she’s gonna try to get me out on Maine Pre-Trial, but, if that should back fire, I’m gonna see if I can go bed to bed at Spruce Street.

I dumped Paul when I found out he was a sex offender on his son. I did put myself through detox at Maine general hospital for seven days. Really nice program. I moved from the dump that I was renting on the hill. I moved across the river. I’m back with my ex-husband he doesn’t’ have a jealous streak about him. It’s more like friends. There’s a lot of women in here, only two women are sentenced. When there is an opening, I’ll be doing volunteer laundry, at least get out for the day.

I’m waiting to have Lisa get the no-contact with Pete and I, which she said should never happened before he can send me some money. Hope to hear back from you soon. I’ll be thinking of you all.