Dear Circle:

Thank you all so much for the beautiful letter. I thought we’d lost touch.

I miss my dog. I do have a picture of him.

The 3rd of next month will be four months that I’ve been in, and they still haven’t made an offer yet. But, my lawyer did sign me up for co-occurring disorders court. I should be seeing my lawyer soon because I have court on the 29th which he still wants me to plea “not guilty.” I also got screened for CARA. Theu don’t even have a list of who is going. I’m soing laundry volunteer trusty. It gets me out of the block for awhile. The women that have been coming in lately are so filthy and nasty. I’m also praying every day that I get the C.O.D.C. so I can get out of here. I hae to stay positive even thought there’s days that aren’t so easy. Yes, we will all definitely get together when I’m out. We’ll all go out to eat!

Love and take care,