Hello, guys and gals!!!

One of my names is Poley and my biggest challenges this week is.. well, now that I think about it the only challenge I face is the one I face everyday: dealing with other inmates.  Some people are so hard to get along with.  Oh well.

Now for the good news: creative writing class.  It’s more of a group.  It started Saturday.  The facilitator talked about what creative meant to him and we read some of our poetry.  I even have an assignment: (optional) 99 words any form and the topic is time.  Not doing time, just time.  I always lean towards Dr. Who when it comes to time.  The class seems like it will be fun.

As everyone who follows my blog knows (when am I gonna get my own blog spot (It’s me.. Mustafa!)) I love books.  I even work in the library.  I haven’t gotten to Ayn Rand yet but it should be on it’s way.  I am reading a great book called, “Ship of Fools” by Richard Paul “Russo.  is a “hard sci-fi” book about the nature of evil in a divinely ordered universe and also about human folly.

One more thing for this week, just to let everyone know.  Everyone involved in Holistix is a friend, so feel free to write.  that includes you, Maggie, and you LeStat, whoever.

Well, that’s all the time I have until next week, humans.

Live long and prosper,