Hello everyone, how do you do? One of my names is Det. Billy Rosewood and one of my biggest challenges is coming off my meds. I was taking a mood stabilizer. I realized recently how shitty those things are so I started filling out refusal slips. I tell you what though, coming off it sucks. The good thing is now that I have feeling again I should have a better time of writing poetry. Hahaha.

Homework is another thing I have been having trouble with. Like, I said last time it is all motivation. Its not college work so one it is not as interesting and second I’m not putting any money up for this stuff. I guess I should be happy I’m learning things and not putting money on it. Not as interesting as IT stuff but what can I do? Aside from start taking for pen pals. If you know what I mean. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink say no more.

Until next week followers. Be well and guard your loins.