Hello everyone, how are you this week? One of my names is Whisper, and my biggest challenge this week is getting into a new routine. From breakfast to just after lunch I work in vocational training or take a work ready class. (Alternating schedule) After dinner we have a cognitive thinking class or substance abuse. Once a week at 6:30-7:30 I have a domestic violence class. We’re kept busy but it is better than sitting around all day. On the other hand I do like reading a lot. Hahaha! The great thing is I get weekends off just like in the free world.

I have had a few requests to write a dream/wish list. A list of things I want to accomplish during my incarceration. Here it is: * I would like to be accepted to continue woodshop after the 3 month period the class usually takes. That means I want to do exceptionally well in the class.

* I want to make it through Robert Jordon’s Wheel of time series. It is about 13 800-900 page books to the series. The subject matter means a lot me.

* Write more poetry. Overcome writer’s block. I think I can’t write poetry because I’m not free.

* Pass my regularly schedule programming Work ready, Cognitive thinking, and seven challenges substance abuse.

* Learn the two swords style of Musashi

* I want to figure out how to get Raven to send me a letter

You asked me Rage, so I delivered. These are the things I’m trying to accomplish. Until next week friends.

Yours Truly,