Hello free world how is everyone? I’m swell thanks for asking. One of my names Janos Lurunoi and my biggest challenge this week is making the transition between doing absolutely nothing to be busy five days a week. It’s not a bad thing, sounds so negative. What I’m doing is just shifting gears. Very positive I had a chance to be a guinea pig for a new program at Mountain View in Charleston. It’s a program for 18-26 year olds who are spending their first sentence in a state correctional facility. it’s a last chance kind of deal. The program is designed to keep us from catching state bid. This includes developing pro social skills, awareness of consequences of poor decisions, adaptive thinking and problem solving. There is also the Work ready program. Learn how to get a job and stay employed. Sorry if this news harsh your mellow but I don’t think these guys aren’t down with Holistic‘s. I’m not giving up but the future for inside meets is looking dim. The biggest things for me is vocational training. I’m taking wood shop first, and then maybe culinary arts. Overall this place is nice. It’s clean and the stuff treats us like we’re humans. It’s a good environment to modify one’s behavior.

I miss you guys and gals, keep the revolution alive.