Hey, everyone, how are you doing?

How do you like all of the snow we are getting?  Should keep the skiers and snowmobilers happy for some time.

Actually, when I played Dungeons and Dragons on the outside, we actually never used the combat weapon adjustment table.  All of us, players and our dungeon master thought it slowed things down.

Well, guess what?  In October I went to the hospital and finally had my hernia operated on and it’s finally gone.  definitely happy about that.  And I haven’t heard from Pedini, yet.  So, Paladins are riding around on White Dragons, and White Dragons are supposed to be chaotic evil.

Well, next,  I’m going to be sending you guys an idea that I came up with.  It’s called “Black Anchor Academy.  Hope you guys will like it.

Does anybody read any comic books?  I heard that Marvel Comics is turning Thor into a woman and the original Captain America is being replaced by a black Captain America.  They are also coming out with a female muslim hero and are going to call her “Ms.  Marvel” (She’ll be the third female character over the years to have that name.)

Well, this weekend is the Superbowl, so I’ll be watching that.

Kenneth McDonald

PS Could you look up “Saba Islet” and the towns of Bottom and Windwardside, both of them are located at the bottom of an extinct volcano.  It was settled by the Dutch 200 years ago, and used to be used as a buccaneers stronghold.  Was wondering if the islet and the villages still exist.

Well, I was surprised that the New England Patriots won the Superbowl.