March 13th, 2015

Hello, folks.  Well, today is friday the 13th and nothing unlucky is happening.  I guess the unluckiness of friday the 13th has  been greatly over-hyped.  WEll, I heard tomorrow we are supposed to be getting about a foot of snow mixed in with rain.  Oh, well.  Spring will be here soon.  I think this Tuesday is Saint Patrick’s day, isn’t it.  So how did yo like that character write-up?  I kind of tried to make him unique.  So how did you guys like the map of the University and the adventure ideas?  The dorm buildings are circular and each dorm room holds two students each and the dorms are co-ed.  Each dorm holds up to fifty students.

March 14th, 2015

Well, it’s raining down here, so it must be snowing there?  Hey, you guys remember the old Transformers series from years ago?  Well, the Cartoon Network has a new Transformers series.  They are going to be on at 6:30pm on Saturday mornings on the Cartoon Network.  The original Transformers bumble bee is on it.  But, Optimus Prime is supposedly dead.  Well, I cam up with an idea for a secret society for your campaign.  I hope you guys like it.

The Blood-Shark Society.

The Blood-Shark Society is a group of fanatical shark worshippers.  There are 250 members and fifty of them can turn into were-sharks.  They seek out people to capture and feed to a species of red skinned sharks.  They believe that each sacrifice prevents the flooding of the World.   It is the sharks themselves that have implanted this idea into their heads.

Kenneth MacDonald