I’m not quite sure what you’ve heard from CeCe, we split up a week before I was held captive. Supposedly we’ve resolved everything and we’ll be together when I’m out. I’m hoping I don’t find out anything disappointing when I’m out. I really don’t want to set myself up for failure, if there is anything you think I should know please do. A little birdy told me some stuff I should know as a heads up. But that’s between me and you. CeCe will always be CeCe. I love her to death though. Anyways for some reason I’m been making more enemies than friends here. There’s a few on Preble Street inmates here too. Well keep in touch, how’s life on the outs? I’m starting to forget what real food taste like, and I never knew how much at a luxury Roman Noodles and instant coffee are. The jail just did away with volume on the T.V.’s and issues radio’s which is pretty sweet, get to listen to WCYY. When the radio actually comes in. Music, Rumey sleeping, instant coffee and a 12′ and 9′ is starting to seem like the only life I know. HaHa. Hope Bella’s doing well. I feel 100x better being clean and sober, I want to keep it that way. That was a big factor with me and CeCe splitting up. I’m glad to know I have a new pen pal. LOL. Definitely keep in touch, I’ve never written so many letters in my life before coming here. I didn’t even know how to write one to be honest. The first one I learned the herd way, it got sent back because I put the address as the return address. I felt as smart as CeCe. If I had an address I could have been out a couple of months ago. I’m really not looking forward to going to that 28 day program but I guess its my only choices unless something happens March 20th. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you,

Tommy Turbo