Finally so good to hear from you. Thank you for the picture, again. I’m gonna tell you your a handsome man. That’s true you don’t know who is gonna support you. I got written up for passing and receiving (cigs). That’s funny that you had a crush on Sgt. Kelly. Officer Anderson retired but I think he goes to the jail for bible study. That’s so, good that your sober, my 1 year is 4/3 but I have a wonderful sponsor who is going to give me my 1 year medallion. She comes in here twice a week. That’s also so good that you quit smoking. C/O no-badges are women who think there a c/o. I want to apologize to you for getting a little nasty but it sucks not having my own hygiene, snacks. The only friend I have is my sponsor from Augusta. I think you know her Donna she’s been around the halls for a long time. You wouldn’t believe me all the wild Turkeys we have around the smoke pit. Boy we’re having a lot of releases. One girl went back to the prison for checking her meds and trading for cigs.  Another girl is on cell for stealing cookies from the kitchen. I’m not sure where I’m going. I’m still doing groups but I’m also graduating too. But I think when I leave I’ll have 10-11 certificates. That will help me with probation. I’ll have 4 years and it scare me to death. I’ve got 95 days left. I don’t want a second rodeo around the block. This place is so bad they only build you up so they can bring you down again. I’m hoping to get a loaner T.V. So I can stay in my room. Women donate them when they leave.I was #1 but I went to the bottom of the list when I got written up. But I get along good with the officer that gives out the T.V.’s. Hope to hear from you soon. So I can order commissionary.

Miss Linda