Hey, my friends,

And a happy, very belated birthday to Papa Rage!

So, I went to court to find out the i was almost at my time-served mark and was denied a regular P.R. bail.  Another court date was set, and at that court date I was supposed to plead guilty and get out with time served with probation, but i couldn’t enter a guilty plea because they couldn’t reach the victim for restitution purposes while I was in court, so once they’ve contacted the victim, they’re scheduling a plea hearing and I’ll be out that day.  Also, I could’ve gotten out over a month ago with pretrial, but I didn’t want ti do a sober living and I probably wouldn’t have gotten time served when I went back to court I I’d gotten out with Pre-trial.  And since I turned down the sober living option, Pre-Trial just denied me.

I just want to get out and be able to see CeCe, and get back to Circles at the Preb!

At court, the lawyer told me that it would be about two weeks for my next court date and if not he’d schedule another bail hearing to get me P.R. bail, since I’ll be at my time served mark.  He said I’ll be out without a problem one way or another.

Anyways, I was watching the news and my childhood friend was on there, charged with trafficking of heroin and causing death. It’s rumored that the victim is my co-defendant.  My entire case is based upon her statements and her eye-witness testimony, too.  If it’s true, I can win this case if I take it too trial.  Please let CeCe and Santos know this a.s.a.p. as they can tell me if it was true or not.  I’m waiting for CeCe’s next letter to get to me, before I write her.  Please try to find her and give  her this news article.I can’t wait to be free again, and to live clean and sober.  I’m happy to know that CeCe will be there for me when I get out.  She’s the most important thing in my life.  I’ve never been so head over heels for anyone.

Anyway, I hope that all is well.  I’ll see everyone soon  Write me back, anyway.

Thank you,

Tommy Turbo