We’ll be running a Bo Lozoff book study soon.  We tried to get more free books in bulk, but we got this sweet offer from the friends of Bo:

From: Human Kindness Foundation Date: 5/26/2015 10:32:46 AM
To: ‘Robin Raged’

Dear Robin,

We’re so glad you are doing such heart-filled work with people in recovery. And we’d like to be helpful. Here’s my dilemma: our books are available free to people who request them directly, whether they are incarcerated or not. If someone writes for their own book and lets us know they can’t afford to pay, we send the book free. Yes, it costs more per book, but usually people won’t bother to contact us unless they are really interested. We get hundreds of requests to send books to other people: family members, friends, long-lost girlfriends. We simply can’t afford to send all of them, so we made this policy in order to send to the people who most want the books, and (we hope) are therefore the most motivated to actually use them. I don’t doubt that people in your group are interested, but I need to stick with our policy. So, you can invite (please don’t require!) your participants to contact us directly. Please encourage them to pay something for the book if they can, even if it’s just a dollar or two. Or, you can buy the books at a discount. I can send you a box of 28 books for $140.

Peace & blessings,