Last weekend during visits, a girl had some pills brought in so we all had to go to our rooms and werent’ allowed to go to the bathroom until you were drug tested.  They were taking so long that my room-mate and I used our waste can.  They also brought a dog in.  Four women got sent back to Windham Prison for being dirty.  I wasn’t at the prison very long before I came here.  I guess they’re so over crowded they have the pods and adseg open again.  This pre-release is so much better.  You’re hardly ever in your room except for weekends for 3 1/2 hours.  The officers are so friendly.  Sometimes they’ll play spades with you.  I would really like to have some more pictures of you guys.  Doe’s anyone have a picture of our favorite dj, Issac from WMPG?  Well, he isn’t there anymore.  Why don’t they do announcements to tell people when guys like  that leave?  In Prison, they become like family. I’ still holding my weight.  because of the budget curs we have a lot of chicken, pasta.  No desserts.  Thank you guys for getting back to me again, as soon as you did.


Miss Linda