The book, “The basics of Public Speaking – Seeing your speech as life.” said that every person in your audience, no matter how he/she appears is on the same journey as you, from birth to death, consciously or unconsciously are trying to find meaning in this life and mae sense of it all.  Sometimes I am so caught up in my world in the issues that I am going through “my struggle: that I forget that other people are struggling with their own problems, many of them are similar to mine.

“The more you say, the less you say, and the less you say the more you say.”  I am working on that in my life right now.  I think it is because I have allowed myself to be surrounded by people who are not on my level.  I have dumbed myself down in order to not stand out.  In the last eight months, I hve been working hard to change that I am cutting ties with people who are not willing to either travel with me on my journey for better or at the very east support me.  I have realized that in the past I have had to over explain in order to make sure that I
got my point across and as a result I carried this habit over into conversations with people understand me the first time and felt “I talked too much.” I am learning to have respect for the words and because of that, I am learning that many times less is more. On that note I will end with this quote:

“First learn the meaning of what you say , and then speak.”


As I am,