Hey, hey, old friends.

It’s Dolphin, here.  My, my, it’s been a minute since we’ve all chatted and my life was going good, but there’s been a snag in the line.  I ended up picking up a new domestic violence charge.  I’m doing 110 days here at YCJ and have been here since May 12.

I went to court today and had two options, 9 months and one day or two split sentences of 110 days with three years of probation.  I chose the 110 days as the thought of prison scared me, in all honesty.  I know the process here at County so I choose comfort.

Now the worst past is I’m losing my apartment and my six-year-old dog Anndi, a german Shepard/Rottweiler will go back to the rescue because I have no one to hold her for me.

I will pick myself back up as I usually do.  So.  Just really mad at myself right now.

Sorry I have not been in touch at all.

Geez, it’s odd how things happen  and I came across two women in here who had Circles contact info.  I hope it’s correct and you guys get this.

I need some encouragement and positive thoughts sent my way.  Time is hard for me to do.  I stay inside my cell alot and write or read.  It is the only way I get through it.  I do get an occasional letter from a friend or my mom.  Cards can be sent, but they can’t be done with markers.  Only colored pens or pencils, not even crayons.

Today was commissary today so everyone is all hyped up on coffee or sugar.

Aunt Josie makes sure I have money on my books and the phone as well as she is taking care of other stuff for me too.  She is my rock.

Well, kids, not much else to say, so please write back.

Melanie Scott