Hey, Circle.

I  enjoyed this book I recently read on, of course, public speaking, which had “twenty statements” on a “give yourself permission” list.  I have never thought about asking myself those particular questions and yes, it did feel unusual or unnatural.  The book had “Have to” statements which reminded me of a Challenge class I had to take.  The Challenge class was a behaviour management/improvement class that I was forced to take and one of the books focused on the self-talk we have.  The words have to, need to, and must were pointed out as absolutes, words that lock you into a way or thinking or a course of action.  Ever since that class I have made it a point to if not to cut back then watch carefully my use of those words.

It had a part on “The three ways we stress out when speaking” which gave me some good pointers for ways to deal with that kind of stress.  I love to talk and do not get that nervous when speaking in front of others, yet, because I tend to speak fast anyway and do not enunciate properly I still tend to make it hard to understand me.  Two things that will be very helpful to me is to remember to release my tension before I speak and that the audience is on my side.

I will use some of the tips that I learned in the book, that I appear much more relaxed then I am, to make sure that I have something important to say , to concentrate on what is said , to practice my speech and to visualize success.

“If you’re never scared or embarrassed, or hurt, it means you never take any chances.” – Julia Sorel

As I am,