Dear Mrs. Buffet,

My name is Dan Fortune and I am currently one of the happiest, proudest and most excited beneficiaries of your Sunshine Lady Foundation.  I would like to take this time to thank you for allowing me this priceless opportunity to get a college education.  I cannot put into words what your kindness and generosity have meant.  I am currently serving a life sentence and being allowed this opportunity has helped me regain a sense of meaning and self-worth.  I had promised my mother that I would go to college and while my actions and choices made that impossible on the street, the unfulfilled promise had added weight to the suffocating mass that was slowly crushing me.  Being able to attend college classes is a blessing.  To be ale to focus, stretch, and grow my mind in a positive vein has completely transformed my outlook.  Being locked up is a a burden to be sure, but one that, with discipline and vigilance can be managed and even embraced.  That burden I carry is the weight of hopes, dreams and expectation of not only a better tomorrow, but also my being a better man.  College ha reminded me that I am more that a number, that I am more than the sum of my worse mistakes.  Being chosen to be a beneficiary has helped me to recognize my humanity and that my gifts, talents and abilities need to be used in a positive manner, because everyone has a right to be helped, just as I was.

As I am,

Daniel Prince Fortune