Well, Rage, here it is.

Well, I was in the library this Monday afternoon and read the Quoddy Tides Newspaper.  It seems that Eastport, Maine is having it’s 10th annual [irate festival .  Plus, this weekend they are having a salmon and seafood festival.  Have you ever been to either one?  They sound pretty fun.  During the pirate festival in Eastport, the Chowder House is having a Pirate Ball and a Scalawags and Wenches party.  Sounds very cool.  You know what?  I am  seriously thinking of moving up  to Eastport after I get out of here.  It does seem a rather interesting place to live.  Even if they did get ten inches of snow last year.

Got a letter from my sister this evening; she’s doing well, although she had to share the cucumbers and squash with three ravens. Have you ever heard of ravens going after vegetables?

I made another (Dungeons and Dragons) dungeon for you.  It’s a two level abandoned dwarf stronghold

Well, I have to wrap this up.  Peace be with you, Rage.

Kenneth McDonald