Have you ever had a time when everyday you wake up and you feel you are in a bad dream you never wake up from?  Let me start from the the day my nightmares started.

I had the best life I could ever ask for.  I had the family I’d always dreamed of – a great wife, great kids, had my dream job.  No, I didn’t make a lot of money, but I still had it great.

I woke up one morning like always, didn’t feel as anything was wrong.  But an hour after waking up there is a knock on my front door when my wife opened the door there were 12 Federal agents asking for me and beginning to search my house for a crime I didn’t commit.

After a day of searching I ended up in handcuffs and going to trial on this crime I never did.  I now sit here in Federal Prison on these charges hoping that, God willing, my only hope – the appeal – goes good.

Now, you see how all of this all started.  My bad dream only keeps getting worse.  Now, as I could say this is the first blog from federal prison, and most people don’t know how bad it all is.

You have cops who don’t care how or why you ended up here, most of all you are a new pawn in their chess game.  They treat you as a child who doesn’t know anything.  But you still don’t get a chance to learn anything, for these programs are a joke.

You heard the old saying, “kids should be seen and not heard?”  Well, inmates are the same.  Hell, when it comes to contact of your friends and family you get 300 minutes of phone time that have the time you can never get through.

Then when you do, your family could care less if you call or not, for, yeah, they’ve got it made, for their life keeps going.  As for an inmate’s life it stops. For you you do the same thing everyday.

I had a job (if you could call it that) my pay was only 12 cents an hour.  Now if you don’t work as they say then you end up in the “hole” for they treat everyone as a slave.  they don’t care.

Here is where we end this entry. for now.  I will do part two very soon  I hope everyone enjoys this series of entries.  If anyone would like to comment or even know more details they can write me at:

Joel Dudley / reg. #07499-036 / FCI Otisville / PO box 1000 / Otisville, NY 10963 / United States of America

I would be glad to respond to any letter I receive for now this is the only way to be heard on this justice system we have and can’t fix.


Father Joel Dudley, ULC