I know that it’s been a couple of letters since I got back to you all.  My bad.  WE just finished psychology 101 and we had to write a long paper for that so my desire to write has been minimal.

I have been staying up at night and sleeping more during the day.  This year I have already completed more days of fasting then I eve have before.  I believe the difference is my attitude about it.  Like the cutting of my hari signifies, I looked at last summer’s Ramadan as an opportunity to really be serious about my faith and religion.  In the past I have ignored my hunger and thirst and treated it as something I had ti do, like a mind over body thing.

Last summer I embraced my hunger and thirst.  We have had an outside Imam (think priest/pastor) for about a year and he said something that really stuck with me.  A lot of people will make themselves hungry and thirsty this year but that doesn’t mean they’re fasting.  Fasting is a spiritual thing.  Embracing my hung er and thirst thinking about it (dare I say “pondering upon it” hah hah!) and the reasons why I’ doing it has made a world of difference.  It is extremely humbling to think that right now all around the world every Muslim that is able to be hungry and thirsty  But they are going to deny they’re cravings because Allah says that we should.  I’ve also been making my prayers.  I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I was having trouble making all five prayers.  I always had some kind of excuse for why I couldn’t do it right now or why I couldn’t make them up.  Because you have from the time one prayer starts till the time of the next prayer to complete it.  Also you can do maku up prayers if you completely miss the whole time frame.  My man said something deep to me a couple months ago  He said, “You make sure that you make time every day to call your girl or play dominoes, why can you not make 5-20 minutes for God?” Food for thought.

As I am,