Hey, Circles

What’s up?  I guess you could say not much has been going on here.  I still have not heard from Lori in almost four months so about now I am ready to say fuck it and just file for divorce, but who knows what is going on with her.  I can’t call her.  I don’t even know if she is still alive.  Funny, right?

So how are things with you?  I still await to hear from Dark Star, but, oh wll, if it never happens – I just know that when you come to prison you ar the last person people care about.  I just hope I hear from my om and Cherokee real soon, but who knows, right?  My Mom said that as soon as she can she was going to see about sending twenty dollars here and there.  I will gelieve it when I see it from here.

I did like your post card that you sent me.  It was cool; thank you.  Sorry that I haven’t written alot.  I guess you could say my depression has really fucked with my head.  I guess you know how that goes, for some of you guys have been in the same type of place as me.  I guess you could say I wish I could have a drink right now.  But, you know how it is.

I guess I will say ‘bye’ for now.  I need to get ready to head back to the unit for count.

Your friend,