How are you guys?  I could say I could be doing a lot better, but of course yo know how it can get around here.

I am still awaiting for Lori for money, so I can call you guys again for, hell, it takes her forever to do anything for me, but, oh well.

I still have no t heard from Dark Star, but, maybe it is just she don’t really want to speak to me.  Fuck, I don’t even feel I would speak to myself after what they say I did.  I’m glad to see that you guys do keep up with writing back, for you are the only people who do write back.

I am glad that you got to put my blogs up.  I hope that you like the new stuff I am sending for the church website, if they have they website up yet.  I don’t know how they feel, but I have named my prison outreach program “Christ Mission.” for I guess you could say it is his mission for me to be doing this, or I wouldn’t be here.

I still have not heard from Lori.

I guess I will say goodnight for now.  I have to get a few other things done.

God bless you,