Hello, Rage.

So, how are you doing?  How are the cats?  Meow.  Say hello to them for me.  The idea about publishing gaming material sounds pretty good to me.  I’m thinking tha I should get my stuff published by a company called Kenzer and Company.  They publish fantasy games like “Hackmaster” and “Kingdoms of Kalamar,” a western game called “Aces and Eights,” “Shattered Frontiers,” various roleplay resources and a comic called “Knights of the Dinner Table that is also part magazine for gamers and an e-zine called “Hack Journal.”  I could send my gaming stuff in and when they publish it, they’ll send me the money (checks sometimes take 10-15 days to clear.  Maybe you could put some of my stuff on the blog, or start a new gaming blog.  You could check to see if Wizards of the Coast still publishes Gygax Magaizine, a company called “Open Design” was publishing “Kobold Quarterly” and you could check to see if Goodman Games is still publishing “Level Up” magazine.  I have some ideas that I’ll be sending you guys.

Kenneth McDonald