Hey, it’s great to hear from you.  Yes, I have seen the Watchmen recently and I still remember the owl.  Yes, I am getting some sun and what I miss most about the outside is surfing on the internet.  I could go for hours looking up various stuff on their land.  I miss comic books, too, although I do have a book and things catalog and they do have graphic novels from both marvel and DC comics and I may get some of them  As for Judges guild being still around you could always check the internet.  If you are looking for any of the old gaming material or brand new stuff you can always checkout a game store  on the internet.  The old stuff can be pretty cheap[.  It has just about everything except the kitchen sink.  Noble Knight Games.

Let’s see, Danny (Fortune) is doing alright.  As for my birthday, I’ll just be chilling out.  Right now, I’m watching family guy and they are playing a song called “She’s Just a Devil Woman.”  Who sang that song anyways?  Well good night and have fun.

Kenneth McDonald

(also known as Malibu Owl.)