E + Empirical Recall.

It is the conversations that we have had in philosophy class here at M.S.P., that have shown me why hope and faith are so important to a philosopher.  The class that we have here is big, so there are a lot of diverse opinions.  We have several different religions represented as well as atheists. Surprisingly, it is the conversation with the atheists that has shown me the value of belief.

To a believer, God is all-powerful and the ultimate owner of the Heavens and Earth, yet, we Muslims believe that Allah has given us free will so that we can choose whether or not we want to follow His mandates (the Quran) or if we even believe in Him.  The firm foundation of this belief allows for the belief in miracles.

There are several conversations that stand out as reinforcement for my argument.  The first was that when we were talking about hope, several of my classmates have said that hope is a painful subject that they don’t believe in.  They referred to the myth of Pandora. opening the box and all of the greatest evils escaping except love.  They have used the fact that it was included as an “evil.” To them hope is a double edged sword, because as great as it is when it comes to fruition, it can be just as devastating when it fails.  To my classmates it is better not to have hope then to take the chance that you will be disappointed in this belief.

As a Muslim, I do no suffer from these views.  When talking about the future, I always add Insha’Allah, which means, “God willing.”  If my hope does “come true,” then it is not God’s will.  While I may be disappointed that what I wanted did not happen, I am not unduly emotional.  So, I look at hope as a vital important part of my life.  This does not mean that I still don’t strive to do the best of my ability to achieve whatever goal I have in mind, but if it is not in Allah’s plans for me, who am I to complain?

The second discussion was trees.  For example, were trees designed to give us oxygen, or was that just a useful by-product of their function?  Those that don’t believe a God believe it is just a coincidence.  I wonder if they are even aware of what they are missing.  Far be it for me to tell another person what to believe, but it strikes me as trying to explain colors to somebody who is blind.

As I am,