For all who don’t know me I am Pastor Dudley right now  I am working in pat with Maple Tree Ministries on Christ Mission Prison Outreach Project

So far what we have been able to do is pass out books and bibles we also pass out the prisoners free list which gives people opinions for different things that they can have sent free of charge to help them grow in Christ.

I have also done my best on helping inmates who have no support on the outside of the prison when it comes down to getting stamps and hygene items for what I have come to find is that when you are an inmate you need to hope you get money from the outside world.

It has been a blessing for so many inmates here in the B.O.P. I pray for Gods help to come up with more funds for as of a few months ago Christ Mission has run out of funds for the copys we make of the free list, supplies to type out the four news letters we write a year.

I keep doing gods work none the less by working with inmates spreading Gods word. I ask for your prayers and help with funding for Christ Mission even  $2.50 a day could go a long way when it is used for gods work.

Thank you for your prays

Pastor Dudley