Welcome to where words fly.

Fists of fury & People furiously cry.

Welcome to a knife in the back.

Welcome to War&Senseless Attacks.

No Place to hide from Genocide.

Bombs drop& Innocents Die.

An Age where down is up &Up is down.

Welcome to the testing ground!!

Welcome to murder.Welcome to Rape.

Black rolling karma&Heavy fate.

Welcome to Anonymous Sex Gamble ‘R’ Us.

Welcome Addictions bus after bus.

Welcome the theft. Welcome the sloth.

Welcome the cauldron of bubbling Broth.

Witches&Black Mas&Spice of illusion.

No safety in life,when life is delusion.

If ever there was an age of a Schism.

Religious confusion-Is confusion ism

Welcome to the testing Ground!!

The testing ground where cause and affect.

Transfer to blessings or transfer to regret.

Jesus when will they they turn their cheek?

When will they count victory as defeat??

When will they count loss as a win??

Accumulate a blessing,Must give up a sin.

Tolkien described it with Ores&Elves.

Dante with Inferno’s  & layers of hell.

Ding,Ding,Ding, Goes the Testing Bell!

So one more Dimension The failure creates.

One more chance for the creatures of hate.

Is it to late to resonate to sound?

Of success down here of the Testing Ground.

Its hard down here on the testing ground!