How are you? I guess you guys are home? How is everyone doing?

Will you guys write me and send me the pictures and stuff you had for me from D.S. plus you guys said you had pictures of others for me (LOL) I see you guys never said anything about the notepad (LOL.) I hope you guys like it for I thought it came out good.

As you guys should have already read the newsletter for February. Please let me know just what you guys think, for yes, you are my partners in “Christ Mission”.

I am including a letter for Krysta, for yes, I want you to know that I really do like her and yes I plan on keeping up with her even after I get out of here. For, Hell, it is something. I can do, for I am also in talks with a couple of attorneys I know in Maine to use what we can to help her get out of prison, even if it was to mean she might end up on probation.

I just hope she is not mad at me, but you know me, guys, if I can help her I would like to.

So how are you guys at Holistix doing? You guys doing any Circles yet, for yes, I know just how it helps everyone. Oh don’t forget me my b-day is 3/3. Yes, I say that for it would be great to hear from you guys. (LOL.) Hey, I guess I will let you guys go for now, but I will do my best to write you guys again real soon.

Love always,

Your friend in Christ,